A note about these endorsements:
When I was building this web page and asked clients to send me their statements, I didn't realize how much writing these little stories would re-open their grief wounds and provide an opportunity for them to re-connect with their hearts. After the death of a loved one, many of us shut down emotionally, but true healing comes from walking bravely through the fire of that pain. Two of the people posting here told me that they cried while writing these recollections, yet they were more than willing to go to that place of extreme vulnerability, because that's where they could most clearly sense the presence of their beloved animal friends. Keeping that conduit open is at the core of the work that I do. If your hope is to put the loss -- and the relationship -- behind you, then I am probably not the right counselor for you. Instead, I respectfully suggest that you allow the trauma and the pain to become part of who you are becoming, by integrating it into your life, your personality and your spiritual perspective.

All faith traditions respectfully honored

. Assistance with end-of-life decisions
. Transition guidance for the animal spirit
​. Rituals and ceremonies
​. Bereavement counseling

If your beloved animal companion is facing a life-threatening medical diagnosis or injury, or if you've recently experienced the unexpected death of a non-human family member, I can provide a wide range of compassionate, interfaith, spiritual care services, including: ​

Endorsements From Pet Famlies and Professionals
I am a hospice and hospital-trained clinical chaplain 
​certified in death, dying and bereavment.
I will come to your home, your vet's office, or the sacred place of your choice 
​to assist with animal transitions, bereavement and beyond.

. Travel by arrangement
. Phone consultations available
Rev. Terri Daniel. MA. CT

End-of-Life Spiritual Care for Pets and Their Families

"I appreciate the opportunity to talk about what a great support Terri was to me a few months ago when I realized it was time to let go of my beautiful dog (Aussie-Lab) Spirit. She was only 12 but her hips and knees caused her so much pain, and one day she just couldn't get up any more and she let me know it was time to leave. I called Terri and she came right over. We cried together and held Spirit, and I talked about our life together. When I felt ready, Terri went with me to the vet. We all lay on the floor, stroking Spirit and talking to her when the vet came in and gave her a shot to relax her. When the vet came back a few minutes later I was holding Spirit, Terri was holding me, and the vet gave her the final shot and listened to her heart until it stopped beating. Terri stayed with me for a long time holding Spirit until I managed to get up. After we left the vet's office, Terri and I drove to a park along the river where Spirit loved to play in the water. As we stood there, a little bird landed on a rock in the middle of the current... just where Spirit would have plopped down to enjoy the water rushing past her body. Terri did a little ritual sending her spirit off when the bird suddenly leaped into the air and flew up, up and away and I knew Spirit was happy to be free and I'd see her on the other side.I'd recommend Terri to anyone who is about to lose a pet. She is a great comforting presence at times like these."

Diane Goble, Sisters, OR.

"My name is Ken Prather an I'm an animal communicator. I facilitate the only Pet Loss Support Group in Northern Indiana, and I'm also a grief and bereavement counselor for three wildlife refuges that rescue domestic and exotic animals.  I would like to take the opportunity to express my feeling of gratitude for everything that Terri Daniel is doing to achieve a more serene crossing over for our animal friends and those mourning their passing. Her passion and love for animals is second to none. Terri's spirituality has taken her to a plane where she can relate to the animals and those mourning the animals on a one-to-one basis. Her presence brings comfort to the soul and a peace of mind that enables all involved to concentrate totally on the sharing of love."
Ken Prather, Ft. Wayne, IN.

"Terri was a huge help to me when my 22 year-old cat Sara was dying. Sara was very old and very sick, and I believed that because she was still eating (even though she vomited daily), that she still had quality of life and wanted to live. It took me months to acknowledge how much she was suffering, and I also had to face the fact that my desire to keep her with me was for my benefit rather than hers. Terri was available by phone and email through the whole process (I live in Los Angeles and Terri is in Portland). Terri shared information with me about the dying and grieving process, but never pressured me or led me in one direction or another. Instead, she simply listened to my feelings until I was ready to make the decision to euthanize Sara."
Lori Shocket MD, Calabassas, CA.

"Lucy was my companion for 16 years. A longhair 'Tortoiseshell Tabby and White,' she was petite, discerning, and kept her purrs to herself... To discover if you really were pleasing her, you had to nestle your finger gently under her chin, to feel, deep inside, her quiet satisfaction. I loved that about her: how she kept herself to herself. And yet she gave her whole heart to me, in her uniquely "Lucy" way. When she perched on my chest and gazed into my eyes, it seemed as though I was looking past her, through her, into time and space; as though I could hear the music of the spheres; as though all was harmony, all was grace.When Lucy's time came, this petite cat was leaving a huge hole on me; a co-shared soul was tearing away. Yes, on time, and NO, I did NOT want her to go!Terri Daniel helped me journey alongside Lucy with a little of the grace that Lucy so generously shared with me. Terri listened to me and created a safe space for me to cry, and enter in to the inevitable, and ultimatley healing, grief. She treated Lucy with the respect and tenderness she deserved. We talked about the rituals that might matter to Lucy and me, and we created them together. We planned ahead for the day itself: where her transition would take place; what I wished to do with Lucy's body afterwards; what graveside ceremony I might wish to hold.I suppose to anyone impoverished enough to have never loved a non-human this deeply, this may seem silly. But not for us.Lucy and I found just the right witness to our last weeks together. Terri's contributions to our process helped make a very sad, sad time also ring with truth, and a good way to die. I do hope others encounter Terri, and that they will call upon her when the time is right. She will help."
Mary McDonald-Lewis, Portland, OR.