Below you'll find descriptions of several different presentations that can be customized for a variety of different formats, from a 30-minute lecture to a full-day or weekend workshop. 

These presentations address a wide range of topics related to death, dying and bereavement, from conscious dying in clinical settings and interfaith spiritual support to shaping a new understanding of the divine and mystical practices for personal healing. Workshops are hands-on, experiential and interactive, and can include guided meditations, family dynamic mapping, art therapy, out-of-body journeys, sacred ceremonies, role play and group work.  

Workshops and Classes
presented by Dr. Terri Daniel, CT, CCTP

Endorsements from Workshop Attendees

Stay informed!

It was an honor to attend your workshop last week.  Thank you for some very important time for me to sit with my grief and to sit with the grief of others. A beautiful location, and many meaningful feelings remain from the evening.

Sarah H. Fitzsimmons MFT ATR-BC
​Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Board Certified Art Therapist, Los Angeles ​

What a wonderful seminar! Terri Daniel is genuine ~ the Carole King of grief work. She rocks! As a health care professional for almost half a century, and having attended hundreds of workshops, I can attest that Terri's presentation is an exceptionally effective, meaningful and of significant substance ~ from the scientific to sacred.

Kathleen Cooper Reishtein, 
RN,MS,CS,CBT,RMT Interventions 
Chicago, IL

Thank you for your presentation to Visiting Nurses Hospice of Santa Barbara. I want to express my appreciation for your excellent and enlightening talk. You provided relevant and up-to-date information on a subject that we are constantly being asked about in the field. I sincerely hope that you'll be back soon!​

Thomas Felkay
Hospice Serenity House volunteer,
​Certified Advanced Care Planner, 
Santa Barbara, CA.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience in the workshop yesterday. Our community needs to make changes on our view of death and dying.  I hope in the future to learn more by attending your conference!

Simone Jenkins, director,
Jenkins-Soffee Funeral Chapel
Salt Lake City, UT.

I found your session the most helpful as a grief counselor.  Truly helped me reflect on my work and how to help those struggling with the death of a loved one.

Sandra Dillon, 
Bereavement Specialist,
BJC Hospice, St. Louis, MO.

This workshop was quite moving in a way very different from the many grief groups I have participated in over the three years since my wife's death. My most memorable personal experience was when I found myself offering to "pray for" a woman in great pain from the suicide of someone very close. I don't even know her name, but have, and will, continue to offer positive thoughts for her coming to terms with the rage and frustration she expressed to us -- a totally unexpected spiritual outcome for me!​

Kenneth Mcclain,
Widowed after 62 years of marriage
Los Angeles, CA

When my husband passed away a year ago I was too overwhelmed and distraught to think about a memorial. For the longest time I did not know how to honor him publicly, and continued to push the question away. It was with the guidance of Terri Daniel, who talked to me about the value of rituals and traditions and offered suggestions about readings and poetry that the memorial started to shape into something that was uniquely suited for our situation. Terri was so understanding, creative and encouraging. I will always be grateful to her, because the experience of honoring my husband's life and death has given me an enormous sense of accomplishment. Now I feel that my husband’s life circle is complete. His family and friends have shown me much gratitude for the opportunity to share in the memorial and by doing it in a highly personal way, and  my heart has started to heal.

Pauline Zonneveld, 
West Linn, OR.

Thank you for bringing your expertise and experience to Pueblo. It was a fantastic workshop. One woman said to me, "I just wish I'd had this two years ago!" It must be challenging to  lead a group who are at such different places in their grief journey, and it seemed the ones that are further along gave "faith/hope" to those who are fresh into it. I appreciate your broad knowledge base, your strength and clarity, your compassionate guidance. 

Marcia Beachy, MS, LPC
Psychotherapist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 
​Southern Colorado Conference on Conscious Living and Dying

This workshop had a powerful effect on me, and I left feeling like something had opened up inside me. In our little group, I voiced a fear that I never talk about,and while I had some misgivings about doing that, it felt safe to do so. I understand the process we took to transform the grief and move it outside of us,  and I will try doing that on my own sometime. Looking at everyone's drawings resonated with me so strongly it brought me to tears. I left  feeling emotionally and physically better than when I arrived. I could use more of this!

Marilyn Morton,
Los Angeles​

I can't thank you enough for offering the Conscious Grieving Workshop last Sunday. My husband died suddenly a little over a year ago, and your workshop with its emphasis on ritual and the spiritual came at just the right time for me.  I felt the most beneficial parts of the workshop were the ritual combined with the music and chanting. I so appreciated the Stations of the Heart! I feel I have been stuck at Station 1, and this ritual helped me start thinking about moving to the other stations. Other groups, books, and internet resources are full of talking and intellectualizing. Your work took me to non-linear, symbolic ways of processing, and helped fill the gap which exists between my grief and the way our culture treats grief.​

​Anne Olson, Portland, OR

Terri, I appreciated how you articulately and artfully bridged the intersection of life experience, academia, and mysticism—helping each of us to more deeply understand not only the uniqueness of each dying experience, but how the sacred rituals and practices complement the dying processes. Moreover, both you and Kelley Keogh were excellent facilitators who melded a beautiful cohesiveness with our large group and in particular, you were a wealth of information and resources. My heart is full of gratitude for this workshop!​

Lorinda Williams, Hospice Volunteer,
​Santa Rosa, CA.